Rose Gold

Rose Gold by Paolo Rizzo is a variation of the Gold collection. Here the finish is in metallic alloy with shades of pink, glossy or satin, warmer and more diluted than gold. Also in this case, the reference is to tradition, specifically to the atmospheres of the beginning of the century. The elements are the same as Gold: jewel-like furnishings with clean lines, a composition game that starts from the golden section and proceeds with "elegance details": the rounding of a screw-fixed foot, the perfect interlocking of the steel sheets laser cut, the star foot of the table leg that becomes the protagonist of the surface thanks to a system of high glassware artistic technique. Furniture designed by architects is also reflected in the taste for sophisticated hidden finishes, such as the interior paneling of the mohair velvet drawers.

Design Paolo Rizzo
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RZ-11 Chest of drawers

Sizes: W 104 x D 50 x H 78 cm

RZ-2 Sideboard

Sizes: W 160 x D 42 x H 70 cm

RZ-6 Bookshelf

Sizes: W 50 x D 26 x H 162 cm

RZ-4 Low tables

Set of 3: W 30 x H 35cm, W 40 x H 40cm, W 70 x H 30cm

RZ-8S Table

Sizes: W 140 x D 140 x H 73 cm

RZ-5 Lamp

Sizes: L 110 / 125 / 155 / 175 cm

RZ-5 Lamp

Sizes: L 175 (110 / 155 / 175) cm