The Paesaggio collection was born from the collaboration with the designer Hannes Peer. It is composed of the Nuvola armchair, the Butterfly console and the Petali table lamp. The Nuvola armchair, a tribute to the great masters of Brazilian modernist design, is well-structured in three levels: a frame in lacquered iron that houses the exposed shell in wood veneered with Santos rosewood and a padding in feather and green leather to wrap the structure like a cloud. The Butterfly console has a complex, organic configuration with new shapes, in which architecture, engineering and design meet. The same expressive force is found in the Petali table lamp that loses the classic nature of an abat-jour by presenting 8 mobile iron diffusers that shield two light sources placed on the central axis of the structure.  Surface finish in concrete handmade mat resin or refined high-crafted glossy porcelain effect . Available in precious wood too and different lacquered colourways.

Design Hannes Peer
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Butterfly console mat gray concrete

Sizes: W 200 x D 35 x H 92,5 cm | W 180 x D 35 x H 92,5 cm | customized

Butterfly console red concrete porcelain

Sizes: W 200 x D 35 x H 92,5 cm | W 180 x D 35 x H 92,5 cm | customized

Nuvola armchair

Sizes: W 125 x D 100 x 80 cm | Available different leather colourways

Petali lamp

Sizes: W 30 x D 40 x H 60 | Available made in iron, iron-brass, brass, glass diffusers