Gold by Paolo Rizzo looks at the lesson of the Milanese masters in constructive grammar and the use of materials, to update their language and technology. It includes sideboard, chest of drawers, a bookcase, tables, low tables and a family of lamps. The 24-carat gold-plated supermirror steel – a finish that transforms the alloy into a noble metal and avoids oxidation – recalls the brass of the Italian upper class houses of the recent past amplifying its shine. Sideboard and chest of drawers have contrast lacquer interior. The bookcase is modular interlocking with modules of different heights, of which the tables take up the final element to make a shelf. The table is designed as a micro-architecture. The lamps, single or clustered, have double rotation movement to direct the light.

Design Paolo Rizzo
for download the Products Sheets.

RZ-11 Chest of Drawers

Sizes: W 104 x D 50 x H 78 cm

RZ-12 Sideboard

Sizes: W 120 x D 42 x H 70 cm

RZ-2 Sideboard

Sizes: W 160 x D 42 x H 70 cm

RZ-6 Bookshelf

Sizes: W 50 x D 26 x H 162 cm

RZ-4 Low Tables

Set of 3: W 30 x H 35 cm, W 40 x H 40 cm, W 70 x H 30 cm

RZ-8R Table

Sizes: W 180 x D 100 x H 73 cm

RZ-8S Table

Sizes: W 140 x D 140 x H 73 cm

RZ-5 Lamp

Sizes: L 110 / 125 / 155 / 175 cm

RZ-5.3 Lamp

Sizes: L 175 (110 / 155 / 175) cm

RZ-5.4 Lamp

Sizes: L 175 (110 / 125 / 155 / 175) cm

RZ-5.6 Lamp

Sizes: L 175 (2 x 110 / 2 x 155 / 2 x 175) cm