Futuraforma by Marcante-Testa takes up the tradition of custom-made furniture that architects commissioned to their craftsmen. The Duale table brings together two tables in one, the first with a laminate top, the other in white Lasa marble. When they are put together, the size is monumental and the structure is configured as a refined pastiche of red mahogany, steel, painted iron and black MDF. Genio, another hybrid object, reinterprets the theme of the chandelier with copper tubulars, fabric cables and diffusers on sandblasted glass. The trimmings inserts, supplied by a historical Turin bottega, add a sartorial detail. As well the Magico carpet re-elaborates a very classic idea - the framed pattern - with a contemporary graphic and an ironic pompon edge.

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Duale Table

Sizes: Round Top diam. Ø 145 cm x Total W 310,5 x H 75 cm

Genio Chandelier

Sizes: W 330 x D 240 cm


Sizes: W 350 x D 250 cm = MQ 8,75