Check by Elisa Ossino focuses on textures and chromatic contrasts. Composed of a round table, cabinet and small table, it stands out for the "check" of the surfaces, a dashed grid with a line of a millimeter thickness. Usually associated with the world of laminates, here the print reveals the wood grain. The same unexpected combination of material and finish for the Bauhaus-inspired iron tubular structure, coated with a liquid rubber paint that dilutes its rigor. The black Valchromat outline accentuates the graphic appearance of the whole, recalling the twodimensionality of a sketch. Contemporary, with a nostalgic soul, Check chooses a palette of clear and vibrant colours, where shades of gray are lit by pink, red, sky and grass.

Design Elisa Ossino
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Sizes: W 120 x D 48 x H 195 cm STORAGE H 140 cm


Sizes: Diam. Ø 160 x H 72 cm

Small Table

Sizes: Diam. Ø 35 x H 45 cm